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Course Schedule

The following courses are available for registration in the 2013 Winter Term:

Course NumberCourse NameCHNote
AGRI 3370Poultry Production Management2
ART 1030Art Appreciation3
ASTR 1010Planetary Astronomy 3*See lab (ASTR 1011)
ASTR 1011Planetary Astronomy Lab1*Lab for ASTR 1010
BIOL 1010Principles of Life3*See lab (BIOL 1011)
BIOL 1011Principles of Life Lab1*Lab for BIOL 1010
BIOL 2010Human Anatomy and Physiology †3*Lecture Only; No Lab
BIOL 2020Human Anatomy and Physiology †3*Lecture Only; No Lab
BIOL 2300Principles of Microbiology †3*For Lab information, see below (BIOL 2301)
BIOL 2301Principles of Microbiology Lab1

*Face-to-face. Meets Monday – Friday from 10 – 11:50 a.m.

*Students can also take a Spring 2014 lab if they do not want to take the face-to-face Winter Term class.

COMM 1010Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
COMM 4600Media Ethics3
COMM 5710Ethics in Changing Environment3
CRJ 3030Terrorism and the Law3
ENGL 2030Traditions in World Literature3
GEOL 1040Physical Geology3

*See lab (GEOL 1041)

Click here for information about material that you will need for this course

GEOL 1041Physical Geology Lab1*Lab for GEOL 1040
HHP 1250Wellness Concepts and Practice3
HHP 3030Nutrition Science and Application3
HHP 3110Substance Use and Abuse3
HHP 4300Introduction to Stress Management3
HHP 4220Analysis of Movement3
HIST 1220World History II3
HIST 2010American History I3
HIST 2020American History II3
LDSP 2100Foundations of Leadership3
MATH 1530Elements of Statistics3
MATH 1730Precalculus4
MUS 1030Music Appreciation3
PM 3760Methods and Research for Administration3
PM 4430Ethics in Public Administration and NFP3
POLS 2010American National Government3
POLS 2040Introduction to Public Policy3
POLS 2070International Politics3
POLS 3000Foundation of Political Theory3
PSY 1010General Psychology3
PSY 3100Developmental Psychology3
PSY 4350Psychology of Personality3
PTMA 3060Organizational Ethics3
PTMA 3070Professional Development3
RDG 4890Teaching Reading in the Secondary Schools3
SOC 1010Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 2050Social Problems3
THEA 1030Introduction to Theatre3

† You must also register for the main campus Spring 2014 lab section that accompanies this course.