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Transfer Registration Orientation Welcome (R.O.W.)

We are excited that you have chosen to attend Austin Peay State University.  During GOVS R.O.W., we'll answer your questions, introduce you to academic and support services, show you how to get involved on campus and help you register for classes.

Transfer students (with more than 12 credits) may complete their orientation and registration activities on-campus or online.

Transfer R.O.W. Dates

June 10, 20157:45am-12:00pm***Military & Veterans are encouraged to attend this session.
June 10, 201512:00pm-4:30pm 
July 7, 20157:45am-12:00pm 
July 7, 201512:00pm-4:30pm 
Aug. 11, 20157:45am-12:00pm 
Aug. 11, 201512:00pm-4:30pm.


Transfer R.O.W. Details


    Coming Soon!

Get Your Student ID card: You will have the opportunity to receive your Austin Peay Student ID during your R.O.W. session. Your picture will be taken at this time. 

What to Wear: Dress for the weather. We will be outside at times as well as moving to different buildings so wear comfortable shoes!

What to Bring: We suggest bringing a pen/pencil to take notes.

Look on our main page for general information about GOVS R.O.W.!