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a summer arts camp for high school students • •
June 14-27, 2015, art, dance, music, theatre


Dance performance
dance hip hop
dance performance2
dance performance 3

The Watauga Arts Academy Dance Program is designed to challenge young dancers as well as enhance their current level of training. Dance Majors receive four to five hours of daily instruction which includes ballet technique, pointe or pre-pointe, modern, jazz, and dance composition. In addition to the technique classes, dance students will participate in special topics classes such as injury prevention, conditioning, nutrition, college dance programs, and careers in dance. Students will have the opportunity to audition for faculty dance pieces, which will be performed at our final celebration.

Students complete their instructional day by choosing an elective class in Art, Music, or Theatre, allowing them to experience another area of interest while at camp.

Unique to the Watauga Arts Academy is a daily interdisciplinary component where students will engage in creative activities with students from other disciplines. In addition, students have the opportunity to attend various performances presented by Watauga faculty, guests, and fellow students, as well as participate in recreational activities and other camp events.

Placement Class
To better accommodate each student’s level of training, dance majors participate in a placement class on the first day of camp. Dancers are placed in one of two groups, according to proficiency. Dancers remain within their groups throughout the course of the day and are placed together for selected special topics classes and final performances.