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a summer arts camp for high school students • •
June 8-21, 2014, art, dance, music, theatre



Spend two weeks of the summer producing what you and your friends have only imagined; create characters that move, run, and pop out of books, across computer screens, onto the sides of tall buildings, and into the real-time world of lights, sound, and action. Sharpen your skills, stretch your imagination, engage with your peers — create narratives that cross disciplines.

The visual art workshops at the Watauga Arts Academy will begin with traditional skill‐building exercises in the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, photography, and computer imaging. The focus of the workshops, however, will quickly transition to the world of contemporary storytelling through animation, multimedia performance, creative book arts, and narrative web design. In today’s creative marketplace, successful visual storytellers must be collaborative and interdisciplinary. At Watauga, as you build a stronger understanding of your craft, you will have many opportunities to work cooperatively across disciplines with the latest technology.

Unique to the Watauga Arts Academy is a daily interdisciplinary component where students will engage in creative activities with students from other disciplines. In addition, students have the opportunity to attend various performances presented by Watauga faculty, guests, and fellow students, as well as participate in recreational activities and other camp events. 

As artists, we observe, record, and produce. We define our own goals. We direct our own creative paths. And as a narrative unfolds, we step back and allow our ideas and images to lead the way. It has been said that a work of art is only as good as the story it has to tell. So what story do you want to bring to life?

When you register for the Visual Arts Summer Program at Watauga Arts Academy, you will select one of the following options as your primary area of concentration:

•Drawing to Animation (Kell Black)

•Digital Photography to Web Design (Barry Jones)

•Printmaking to Creative Book Arts (Cindy Marsh)

•Computer Imaging to Multi-media Performance (Josh Gumiela)