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a summer arts camp for high school students • •
June 14-27, 2015, art, dance, music, theatre



Vision statement

From the masterworks of Michelangelo and Mozart to the products developed by Apple and IKEA, we believe the arts play an integral part in all facets of society. Our vision is to kindle the creative spirit in every individual, regardless of his or her professional aspirations. To achieve this goal, the Watauga Arts Academy, an interdisciplinary arts camp, relies on its four pillars – Creativity, Confidence, Commitment and Courage – to help students excel in their future endeavors, whatever they may be.

The Four Pillars of the Watauga Arts Academy

CreativityDevelop your sense of originality and imagination, rather than mere replications of someone else’s art, and thereby inspire creativity in others.
ConfidenceLearn to trust yourself and believe in your own, personal vision of the world.
Commitment Develop perseverance to achieve your full artistic and personal potential, while also fostering a life-long commitment to the arts and to the furtherance of the arts as an integral component of society.
CourageStep beyond the safety of your comfort zone and learn the power of presenting your voice to the world.

About the name

Watauga is a Cherokee word that means “beautiful waters,” and it was once used to describe this region before the appearance of European settlers. The spirit of that time still lingers here, and our camp will build upon the area’s Native American heritage to stoke the fire of creativity in all who participate.

About the logo

For centuries, Native American cultures have gathered around campfires to sing, to dance, to tell stories and to present bold new works of visual arts. The Watauga Arts Academy, as an interdisciplinary arts camp, is a similar gathering place. Our logo is a campfire because we want to pay homage to the artistic spirit of the area’s Native American cultures while providing young artists in different fields with a safe place to grow and present their work.