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VA Fee Deferment

Step-By-Step Fee Deferment Instructions

Printable Instructions

To check the availability of the online deferment dates, you will need to check our important dates.

Log into AP OneStop.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** Do not use the back button in your internet browser.  This will cancel your VA fee deferment request option. 

  • Select the “Web Self Service” tab.
  • Select the “Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs” tab.
  • Select the "VA Fee Deferment" request link
  • Select the term for which you would like to request the VA fee deferment
  • Choose Continue
  • Ensure that you are selecting the correct term and choose Continue

For each term that you would like a VA fee deferment, you will need to request a separate VA Fee Deferment

  • Fee Deferment Authorization

Option One:

I authorize Austin Peay State University to temporarily defer my tuition and fees for the term specified. Books and supplies will not be included in this deferment.

I hereby acknowledge that I am the responsible party for payment of my tuition and fees, regardless of receipt of my VA education benefits. I understand that my grades and transcripts will be withheld, registration for any future terms will not be allowed and approval of future VA fee deferments will be denied until this deferment is paid in full. I further understand that if I drop classes or withdraw from the University, I will be subject to the normal refund policies as published by the University, and that any amount owed according to those policies must be paid by me. Should the balance remain unpaid for more than 90 days following the end of the authorized term, my account will be referred to a collection agency, and I will assume any additional charges associated with this action

Option Two:

I do not authorize a fee deferment and will be responsible for full payment of all charges.

  • Click on “Continue” after reading and agreeing to the fee deferment option of your choice.
  • You will see a confirmation of your submission on the screen.
  • You will receive an email of the decision in your live mail.

***Please allow 2 business days to process your fee deferment request.