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Diversity Task Force

2012-2013 Diversity Awards Programming/Initiative Competition Information Packet

2012-2013 Diversity Awards Programming/Initiative Competition


This award is to acknowledge diversity efforts related, created and implemented by members of the Austin Peay State University community (faculty, staff, and collaboration between faculty and staff departments).

Diversity at Austin Peay refers to our inclusive community comprised of many individuals, each having unique attributes based on a variety of social, physical and cultural characteristics such as race, class, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability/disability, religion, political affiliation and/or national origin.

APSU community members are encouraged to plan and implement campus-wide, theme-based programs related to diversity that displays campus engagement. No limit exists for the number of theme-based programs that may be provided, and one program, selected by the Diversity Task Force Planning Committee, will receive a $1,000 award to be used for further diversity programming/initiatives such as programming, professional development, etc. Award must be matched at 25% by recipient, in order for the university to match an additional 25% of the funds.  For example: The department will provide 1/3 of the funding (25%), the University will match 1/3 of the funding (25%), and the Diversity Task will match 1/3 of the funding (50%). 

 There will be awards awarded for the following categories:

 (1)      Faculty Department

 (2)      Staff Department

 (3)      Collaboration between faculty/staff departments

This competition will take place between August 27, 2012-April 26, 2013.

 All completed applications are emailed to Daisy Torres/Coordinator of the Hispanic Cultural Center by 4:30 p.m., Friday, April 26, 2013. No hard copy submissions will be accepted.

 The winner will be chosen based on which campus community member makes the most significant impact on educating/bringing awareness to the campus about “diversity” through the programming/initiative that they provide or provided.

 There must be one Diversity Award Programming/Initiative Competition Packet completed for each program that is submitted and the packet must include the following:

 *See Attached Documents

 *Based on a scale of 1-10; with 10 being the highest

  • Complete packet
  1. A copy of the marketing information used (flyer, posters, Facebook post, etc.) 10 points
  2. A one-page document that explains and outlines the purpose of the event, how the event relates to the theme of “diversity,” what people were intended to learn from the event, what the applicant sponsoring the event learned, strengths of event (what went well, what people enjoyed, etc.), challenges of event (things that did not go well, things that you would have changed to make program more successful, etc.), and the number of attendees. Must provide sign-in sheet (s)  10 points
  3. A statement from a campus community representative about the impact that the event had 10 points
  4. A statement, along with their contact information, from any outside people/sources with whom you worked during the event, explaining their involvement (I.e., facilitators, speaker, business, community organization, etc.) 10 points
  5. At least three photographs from the event  10 points

 Competition Packet