Projects Requiring Designers
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 Designers interested in a project listed below must follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website of the Office of the State Architect to become familiar with the latest edition of the Designer Selection Process.
  2. Register with the Office of the State Architect.  All designers must be registered and update their registration annually in December.  Click on Register and follow the directions to review and update.
  3. Complete the Designer Letter of Interest Form (LOI) or Designer Request for Quailifications (DRFQ) as required in the packet.
  4. Email the required documentation to by the date and time listed on the Project Announcement.  Make sure the Project Name and Number are included in the subject line. Failure to strictly comply with the immediately preceding sentence will result in your submission to be considered non-responsive.
  5. Questions regarding a specific project should be emailed to:

General Information:

  1. Questions will be answered, as deemed appropriate by APSU, in writing via addendum to all designers who have submitted a letter of intent via email to:
  2. No oral responses will be considered official.
  3. Any dates listed in the Project Announcement, other than the Submittal Deadline date, are for reference only and are not a commitment to an actual schedule.

Designer Letter of Interest (LOI)

Project Number Project Name Project Description Documents Due Date
 373/003-06-2018 Hayes House Envelope Repairs Tuck pointing and other exterior repairs on the Alfred Robb House (AKA Hayes House), an antebellum masonry structure.  The structure is registered with the National Registry of Historic Places (NRHP).  LOI-Hayes House 6/29/2018

Designer Request For Quailifications (DRFQ)

Project Number Project Name Project Description Documents Due Date
None at this time        
All Designers and Contractors need to complete the APSU Vendor Application below.

Vendor Application