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Call for Papers and Panel Proposals

TPA Conference 2015 Special Topic: Novel

Papers addressing the year’s theme of “the novel” will receive first consideration for publication in the TPA Bulletin. Abstracts for papers dealing with any aspect of literature, language, and linguistics (including foreign language) should be no more than 300 words. Papers must be kept to a twenty-minute (20-minute) reading time, not to exceed ten (10) pages. They should be written and read in English. Panel proposals (3-5 members) should be no more than two (2) pages. Panels are for one-hour sessions.


To submit your paper and/or panel proposal, complete this linked form on the TPA website. As well as filling out the online form, graduate students and undergraduate students must also submit via e-mail a copy of their abstract and paper, as well as a professor’s letter of recommendation, to both TPA Secretary Prof. Thomas Alan Holmes ( and TPA Bulletin Editor Prof. Katherine Rehyansky ( Graduate students may not submit panel proposals unless faculty members are included. Deadline: November 18, 2014.

The deadline is extended to November 21.


Upon acceptance of your submission, the TPA will contact you about conference registration, including information about the banquet and hotel availability. If you wish only to attend the conference but do not wish to propose a paper or panel, please contact Prof. Holmes at


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Regular Conference Fee ($25); Graduate Student Conference Fee ($15); Banquet ($25).