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Master's in Communication Arts

Think of it as your passport to unlimited opportunities

    Have you . . .
       earned an undergraduate degree?
       wondered how you can jumpstart your career?
       been looking for an alternative to the MBA?
       thought about what's next?

    Do you . . .
       want more money?
       deserve more prestige?
       want a career--not just a job?
If you have, then our master's degrees may be right for you. The concentration in Corporate Communication is designed to prepare current and future managers for careers in marketing communication, advertising, public relations, sales, print or broadcast media, and electronic media. There is no thesis requirement for this degree.

The Master's in Communication Arts is aimed at those who have considered an advanced degree in theatre, mass communication, public relations, or speech. If you're interested in the opportunity for a new career, or teaching at the high school, junior college or university level, you may want to consider the Master's Degree with the thesis option.

Regardless of your goals, if you've been thinking about an going back to school, Austin Peay offers you exciting choices.

Our real-world, business tested faculty members guide you in your chosen discipline and offer insight and direction toward achieving your individual goals. In the Corporate Communication option, programs and coursework focus on practical applications of corporate communication theory.

Capable, caring professors will help you develop the written, spoken, interpersonal, and persuasive skills demanded by modern organizations. We'll teach you the specific communications skills you need for your career interests--and we'll help you learn to be a manager and a leader.

In the Corporate Communication Option, you'll be able to work while earning your degree and you can complete your master's in less than two years--without having to write a thesis.

It will prepare current and future managers for careers in fields such as business communication, management, marketing communication, political communication, direct response, print and broadcast advertising, public relations, media, sales promotion and electronic media. The degree develops the written, spoken, interpersonal, and persuasive skills required in modern organizations, as well as teaching the specific techniques required in communication-related jobs. This is a truly interdisciplinary program involving business and marketing, psychology, mass communication, and interpersonal and group communication.

The APSU Corporate Communication program has been designed with the needs of the currently employed professional in mind, as well as offering the traditional student the opportunity to rapidly complete a degree.

Click here to read what graduates of our master's program say about their experience and their careers.

If you're ready to step up on the ladder of success, the master's in Corporate Communication can give you a boost.

Consider It Your Ticket to the Show!

A career in the theatre offers many exciting possibilities. Acting, directing, designing, and playwriting are but a few of the creative outlets a theatre major can pursue with a degree from Austin Peay State University.

Contemporary thespians are much like chameleons: On a regular basis, they shed their selves, their images, their everyday appearances. If you want a career where creative expression is not only expected, but also encouraged, Austin Peay has just the laboratory to help you make the metamorphosis.

APSU's theatre professionals can guide you in obtaining your goals, be they in front of the footlights or behind the scenes.

APSU's talented, experienced professors will help:

  • Develop your performance skills...
  • Enhance your design skills...
  • Encourage your creative efforts...
  • And guide your professional development.

Concentrations include a straight theatre option, plus specializations in theatre education or speech and theatre education. Whether your professional dreams are tied directly to the stage or involve other directions, including teaching or business aspects of performing, APSU has a place for you.

For more information on options in the theatre area, please contact:

Leni Dyer, MFA, Associate Professor
Austin Peay State University
P.O. Box 4475
Clarksville, TN 37044
(931) 221-6390