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Degrees & Concentrations

APSU Theatre & Dance offers the BFA Degree, a BA Degree, a minor in Theatre, and a minor in Dance.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Theatre / Dance is a Professional Degree. Each concentration in the BFA degree consists of 79 hours. Many practical, studio courses are integrated into the curriculum. Admission to these programs is via audition and/or portfolio review and interview. 

BFA Degree in Theatre / Dance

University Core                                                                                              (42 hours)

Required Major                                                                                           (12 hours)

Lower Division Requirement                                     

THEA 1300    Acting I                                                                                      3.0

                                                                                                                       3.0 hours


Upper Division Requirements                                               

THEA 3800    Theatre Production                                                                    1.0

THEA 4520    Careers                                                                                      3.0

THEA 4801    Theatre Production                                                                    1.0

THEA/DANC  4995   Senior Capstone                                                             4.0

                                                                                                                      9.0 hours

Musical Theatre Concentration

Dance Concentration

Acting/Directing Concentration

Design Concentration 

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Theatre / Dance is a Liberal Arts degree. Each concentration in the BA degree program consists of 36 hours and is designed to be accompanied by a second major or 1-2 minors. Admission to these programs is open to all. 

BA Degree in Theatre / Dance

120 Total Credit Hours


Each concentration in the BA Theatre/Dance degree program is designed to be accompanied by a second major or 1-2 Minors.  A total of 39 Upper Division hours (courses numbered 3000-4999) must be completed in order to satisfy university graduation requirements. 


Each BA Concentration in Theatre/Dance requires a minimum of 18 Upper Division hours with options for more.


University Core                                                                                      (48 hours)


BA Required Major/Common                                                             (15 hours)

Lower Division Requirements

THEA 1300      Acting I                                                         3.0

THEA 1600      Stagecraft                                                     3.0

                                                                                            6.0 hours

Upper Division Requirements

THEA 3800                  Theatre Production                          1.0

THEA 4520                  Careers                                            3.0

THEA 4801                  Theatre Production                          1.0

DANC/THEA 4995       Senior Capstone                               4.0

                                                                                          9.0 hours

 BA Acting/Directing Concentration

BA Dance Concentration

BA Design Concentration