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Telephone Service:  With a few exceptions, we supply telephone service to all offices, classrooms and residence halls on campus.  The majority of phones on campus are supported through the Cisco Unified Communications system.  We own and maintain all the equipment and cabling necessary to provide telephone service.

Voice Mail:  Network & Voice Services maintains and administers the campus voice mail system.  Voice mail service is available to all faculty and staff members, and to residents of Emerald Hill apartments.

Voice/Data Cables:  Network & Voice Services is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all voice and data cables on campus.  This includes the copper telephone cable plant, the fiber optic network cable plant, and all local cables inside buildings.

Cable Location:  Network & Voice Services is responsible for locating underground copper and fiber optic cables before any excavation on the APSU campus.  Telephone Services requires a written dig permit for location services at least 48 working hours before the digging is to begin.

Cable TV:  Network & Voice Services is responsible for coordinating the installation of the cabling required for TV service in new and existing buildings.  Cable TV service is provided through CDE.  Any issues with service can be reported directly to CDE at 931-553-7300 or you can contact our office at ext 6191 for assistance.