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Information for Faculty and Staff

Telephone Service:  With a few exceptions, telephone service to all academic and administrative offices is supplied by Network and Voice Services.

Voice Mail:  All full-time employees are assigned a voice mail box.  Departmental voice mail boxes are also available on request.

Long Distance:  All long-distance calls from campus require a forced account code.  Forced account codes can be requested by sending the employee's name, extension and FOAP to be charged to Sheila Smithson in Voice Services.  The request must be made by a person with signature authority on the FOAP to be charged.  All long distance calls within the continental United States are billed at a rate of $.07/min.  Persons with a forced account code may use that account to make long distance calls from any campus business phone.  Faculty and staff members who need to make personal long-distance calls from a campus telephone should request a personal forced account code. 

Dialing instruction page.

Personal Long-Distance:  Any faculty or staff member can request a personal forced account code in addition to their professional code.  Calls made using the personal code are billed monthly to the individual.  All long distance calls within the continental United States are billed at a rate of $.07/min. plus tax.  With tax, the actual cost of each call is approximately $.08/min.

New Telephone Service:  If you need an additional telephone and line (new number), please check for an available data jack before calling Voice Services.  Data jacks are either red or orange in color.  If you have a computer with an active data connection in the location where you need the new phone, we can use the same line that connects the computer for telephone service.   If you have an available jack, you only need to make a request for a new telephone line.

Cable Requests:  Voice Services facilitates the installation of all new voice and data cables on campus.  The procedure for having a new cable installed is as follows.  Contact Josh English by phone (x6283) or email and supply the room number, location within the room, departmental contact person, and the FOAP to be charged.  Josh will then coordinate with our cable contractor to have the cable installed.  Once the cable is installed, Voice Services will transfer funds from your account and supply your department with a copy of the contractor's invoice.  For approximate pricing, please contact Josh in advance at x6283.

New Lines:  Network and Voice Services charges for new lines and telephones.  There is also a one-time charge for the equipment.  The charge for a phone and line is $300.  Traditional analog lines will only be installed for emergency phones and fax machines at a cost of $100.  Requests for new lines must be made via email, and must be charged to a Banner account (FOAP).  A person with signature authority for that account must make the request.

Cell Stipends:  Austin Peay does not supply corporate cellular telephones, but departments may choose to support personal cellular service for professional staff members by means of a monthly stipend.  The monthly stipend amounts for the 2015/16 fiscal year are $45.00 for standard cellular telephone service, and $80.00 for smartphone/data service.  The details and form can be found here.  The form should be turned in to Human Resources.