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Tuition Assistance
Columbia State Community College

Spring 2018

Educational Level Course Course Name CRN Location Day(s)Time TECTA Assistance Student Responsibility
CDA Prep
ECED 2310 - C01 Safe, Healthy Learning Environment 10740 Columbia Main Campus TBA $460.00* $50.00**
ECED 2315 - C01 Early Childhood Curriculum 11251 Columbia Main Campus Thursdays
4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
$460.00* $50.00**
ECED 2340 - C01 Family Dynamics & Community Involvement 11253 Columbia Main Campus Mondays
12:30 - 3:30 p.m.
$460.00* $50.00**
Additional CDA Prep Courses can be found here $460.00* $50.00**
Technical Certificate, A.A. or A.S. ECED 2320 - C01 Infant, Toddler, Child Development 11252 Columbia Main Campus Wednesday
4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
$433.50* $76.50**
Additional ECED Courses can be found here TBA* TBA**

*TECTA will pay the $10.00 International Education Fee if applicable.
**Students may have to pay separate fees including but not limited to $3.00 for student ID and $10.00 for parking. Students must check with the institution. TECTA will not pay these fees.

Voucher Day - Spring 2018

Students may fax or email their COMPLETE tuition assistance packets to (931) 221-6453 or cannonn@apsu.edu on Monday, December 11, 2017.  Funding is limited, first come first serve. Only COMPLETE tuition assistance packets will be processed.

Tuition Assistance Packet

In order to apply for tuition assistance, you must provide the tuition assistance packet which is compiled of the following items:

  1. Application for Academic Financial Support (Complete one form for each course in which you are registered)
  2. Student Information Form
  3. Student Grade Release Form
  4. College transcript with GRADES for last course taken (if applicable) OR TECTA Orientation Certificate (for first time students)
  5. Student DETAILED schedule from college/university website
  6. Account statement of fees due from college website (Tuition bill)
  7. Proof of employment in a licensed Child Care in Tennessee (Check stub)
  8. Proof of student's payment to Columbia State Community College.