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Accreditation means operating your childcare program based on nationally-set standards vs. state licensing requirements.

Check yourself:

  • Does your program strive to work beyond the minimum state licensing standards for staff training and staff/child ratios?
  • Do you (and staff) have Early Childhood Credentials such as TECTA training, CDA Credential, Associates Degree or an Education or Business Degree?
  • Does your staff have work benefits?
  • Are your rooms set up into "centers" for play opportunities such as blocks, dramatic play, creative art, science/cooking, manipulatives, library and puppets?
  • Do parents participate in your program in any way?
  • Does your program operate based on written policies to govern the program, staff, and parents?

If you can answer "YES" to most of these questions, then you may be already exceeding state licensing and be ready to seek NATIONAL ACCREDITATION for your high-quality childcare program!

Interested? Call (931) 221-7585 for more information.                     

*Minimum requirement is one year in operation and must be Tennessee licensed.

Accreditation Assistance Form

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