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School and Saturday Session Schedule Spring 2016School and Saturday Session Schedule Spring 2016Inclement Weather Policy:  If ANY ONE of the three (Cheatham, Houston, Stewart County) schools are closed on the Friday before a scheduled Saturday session, that Saturday session will be cancelled and rescheduled.  This information will also be posted on our Facebook Page:

*Please be on the lookout for more detailed information as the date approaches.   


School Visit Calendar

Cheatham Central

Thursday, 9/10/15

Thursday, 9/24/15

Thursday, 10/18/15

Thursday, 10/22/15

Thursday, 11/5/15

Thursday, 11/19/15

Thursday, 12/3/15

Thursday, 12/10/15

Houston Co. High

Tuesday, 9/1/15

Tuesday, 9/15/15

Thursday, 10/1/15

Tuesday, 10/20/15

Tuesday, 11/3/15

Tuesday, 11/17/15

Tuesday, 12/1/15

Tuesday, 12/8/15 

Stewart Co. High

Tuesday, 9/8/15

Tuesday, 9/22/15

Tuesday, 10/13/15

Tuesday, 10/27/15

Tuesday, 11/10/15

Tuesday, 11/24/15

Tuesday, 12/8/15

Thursday, 12/17/15   


*Students, please be sure to follow us on Facebook and be on the lookout for Remind101 messages regarding important updates to the schedule.