Parking and Public Safety
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Parking and Public Safety


All students on main campus are required to have a parking decal for the vehicle they operate. All parking on campus is marked with lines. Areas not marked with lines are not parking spots.

How do I obtain a decal?

Go to Although you may register your vehicle online you must physically pickup your decal from the Shasteen Building. Decals are also available at Public Safety/Campus Police (Shasteen Building), and at peak times the Morgan University Center Information Desk.

Note: Please be aware of the expiration date when you print your temporary pass and pick up your new decal at the Campus police station.

How much is the decal?

Student access fees cover the cost of the decal.

What if I use more than one vehicle?

The University uses a hanging decal system rather than an adhesive sticker. This allows the decal to be moved and used with any vehicle the registered person operates. Because of this flexibility and the limited parking on campus, each person is entitled to only one decal. Exceptions are made for married housing-student families with two licensed drivers, and in other extraordinary circumstances.

What if I get ticketed on campus?

If you are ticketed for one of the following parking violations, you will be responsible for paying the fine.***

Where am I authorized to park?

To find the current parking map online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for "parking."
  3. Click on "parking map."

The following represents the color-coding system for parking on campus:

*Visitors who wish to appeal a citation may do so by filling out a form which can be retrieved from the Shasteen Building.

The APSU parking regulations and map can be found at

***All visitors to APSU must get a visitor’s pass from Campus Police before parking on campus.
Fines may be updated.***


Campus Police Services

Emergency Telephones/Blue Boxes

Emergency telephones are found in many locations around campus. If you have an emergency, simply press the button on the callbox. This will immediately connect you with a dispatcher.

The dispatcher will send the appropriate agency to respond. You can also use emergency telephones to request the security escort service.

Security Escort Service

For the safety of the campus community, APSU Campus Police/Public Safety Office’s Student Patrol provides a security escort service within the confines of the campus. The security escort service operates 24/7.

Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) Services

Public Safety provides a variety of services to assist motorists at APSU. Public Safety provides this service 24/7.

Other services

Obtain crime prevention information and get free engraving service for valuables.

Anyone may send ANONYMOUS texts or picture messages to Campus Police at 931-494-6672.