Govs I.D. Card
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Govs I.D. Card

The Govs Card is the official I.D. card of the University. This card is a student’s lifeline to campus life. Students must carry their Govs I.D. cards with them at all times while on campus for identification and access purposes. With the Govs Card, students have access to the following:

Admission to Events

Students gain access to athletic games, concerts, campus events and shows. They may even have the opportunity to get free T-shirts or free food. Students may attend regular season athletic events free with their Govs I.D. cards.

Meal Plan

If students live in the residence halls, their meal plans will be on their cards. If students commute to campus, they may purchase meal plans and it will also be available on the card. Visit for more info.

Govs Bucks

Money can be placed on the I.D. card using a declining balance system. This is very handy so students do not have to carry cash on campus. Govs Bucks can be used to purchase items at any on-campus food location, the Peay Pod (convenience store), copiers, printers, the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center and in the snack and vending machines.

Access to Library and Residence Halls

All students need to have their I.D. cards to enter the Woodward Library after 9 p.m. Students who live in campus housing need to have their I.D. cards to enter their residence hall buildings and access the laundry facilities.

Off-Campus Banking

The University has partnered with US Bank to allow students to use their Govs Cards as debit cards off campus. A representative will be present during Govs ROW to provide details on the program.

When do students get their Govs Card?

Students will get their Govs I.D. cards during Govs ROW. Do not lose it! The first card is free, but replacement cards cost $20.

Your Govs I.D. card ensures your identification as a student with campus access. Never let anyone else use your Govs I.D. card.