Adult, Nontraditional & Transfer Student Center
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Adult, Nontraditional & Transfer Student Center

Who are the A.N.T.S.?

We love our Acronym, because A.N.T.S. are strong, A.N.T.S. are pervasive, A.N.T.S. are social.

A.N.T.S. stands for Adult, Nontraditional, and Transfer Student. Our center serves students from all backgrounds and circumstances. We have transition programs and assistance to students who are transferring from other institution or attending school for the first time in years.

Adult Learners, also called posttraditional learners, are students seeking an undergraduate degree but are 24 years of age or older. The A.N.T.S. Center serves these students as well as traditional
age students with nontraditional circumstances, such as parenting, or commuting long distances. All students are welcome in the A.N.T.S. where we celebrate a culture of strength, persistence, and caring.

The A.N.T.S. Center strives to serve a diverse population by creating programs and spaces that are relevant to career focused individuals and are family friendly. Included is our support for commuting students who may need some of the comforts their campus-resident peers have, such as a refrigerator, toaster oven, or microwave.

Located on the first level of the Morgan University Center, Room 112, the Center is a place for all students to gather, study, eat, reflect, and challenge each other. The center has a computer lab, study support materials, and a professional college counselor to answer questions and provide

Through the department of Student Life and Engagement, the A.N.T.S. Center provides programming relevant to adult learners such as Take Me Out to the Ballgame, The Commuter CoffeeBREAKE, or the Helping Hands Celebration. Join us on PeayLink to stay on top of the formicary!

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