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About Austin Peay

Quick facts about the University

Who was Austin Peay and why was a University named for him?

Austin Peay was governor of Tennessee and a favorite son of Clarksville. Gov. Peay signed a law establishing Austin Peay Normal School on April 26, 1927. So, now you also know why APSU’s nickname is the “Governors.” Although Austin Peay State University has 90 years of history, institutions of higher learning have occupied the campus since 1806.

Austin Peay basics

Austin Peay consists of three sites in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area, occupying more than 650 acres. These sites include the Clarksville campus in downtown Clarksville, the Austin Peay Center at Fort Campbell, and the Environmental Education Center.

Austin Peay serves students from every region in Tennessee, many of the 50 states and several foreign countries through our online degree programs and regional locations.

The school name “Governors”

In the infant years of intercollegiate competition, Austin Peay’s athletic representatives were often called “Normalites” or “Warriors.” The present “Governors” tag surfaced around 1937, probably as a tribute to Gov. Austin Peay.

Let’s Go Peay!

The cheer “Let’s Go Peay” became APSU’s battle cry during its first two NCAA appearances in the early ’70s after James “Fly” Williams and his teammates brought widespread attention to APSU men’s basketball.

Alma Mater: All Hail To Austin Peay

All Hail our Alma Mater, All Hail to Austin Peay, Forever faithful to thy standards will we ever be, We love thy campus beauty, serene in dignity, And so we proudly sing this song in praise of thee, All Hail, All Hail, We sing in praise of thee, We love our Alma Mater, All Hail to Austin Peay.

— Words and Music by Dr. Aaron Schmidt,
professor of music and band director, 1956-87

Austin Peay Fight Song

Smash! Bang! To victory Go the Governors of Austin Peay Clash! Clang! It’s misery For the minions of the Enemy Fight on and Smash! Bang! to Score Again For it’s ready, set 1, 2, 3! Smash Bang! Biff Bam! Clash Clang! Rim Ram! Dash along to Victory! Let’s Go Peay!