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Becoming a New Student Organization

New Organizations

If we don't have it, you can start it! Starting a new student organization is a great learning process. Students develop excellent communication, time-management, and leadership skills - all by doing what they enjoy and sharing it with others! Follow the steps below to get your new organization started: 

  1. Meet with the Student Organization Council (SOC) Executive VP, or the Coordinator for Leadership and Student Organizations, to discuss your potential organization. We will go over the process with you, let you know the expectations of being a student organization, and outline the resources and benefits available to you. The registration process may be different for Greek organizations and sport clubs. 
  2. Find 9 other currently-enrolled students, faculty, or staff that are just as interested in your organization as you are! Membership in registered student organizations must be open to all students without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, citizenship or handicap.
  3. Find a faculty or staff member that is willing to serve as your adviser. 
  4. Encourage 2 or 3 students to take a leadership role in the organization. This is good experience and looks great on your resume. All organizations should have at least a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. 
  5. Write your organization's constitution. Please ensure that you utilize the Sample Constitution for Organizations as a template when writing
  6. Fill out the New Student Organization Registration Packet on PeayLink (link below) and submit it.**
  7. The SOC VP will contact you with any corrections that may need to be made to your information or constitution. 
  8. Once you have been approved, complete Officer Training and Peay Link Training. 
Click the button above to start your New Organization Registration packet! 

**Please note that it usually takes a week for the SOC to review your New Student Organization Registration Packet.

University Facilities Guidelines for Students Organizing a New Student Organization

In order to assist students in their efforts to advertise, plan, and organize a new student organization, Student Life and Engagement and the University Facilities office has developed the following guidelines. Please remember that making a request does not guarantee a reservation. Ensure you receive confirmation before moving forward with any plans.

  • Proposed new student organizations must have met with the SOC VP or Adviser about the organization.
  • Following the initital meeting, Student Life classifies the group as temporary for a period of 1 month (30 days).
  • Groups may request up to two meetings during this temporary period. Requests must be made by contacting the SOC President at
  • Groups may request up to 4 days for a lobby table during the temporary period. Requests must be made by contacting the SOC President at
  • Groups may post items on University Center Bulletin Boards during the temporary time. The posting must include the wording “Potential New Student Organization”.
  • If, after 30 days, the organization has not been approved, subsequent space requests and postings will be declined. Should Student Life and Engagement request an extension for the group, an additional 15 days will be added.