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Student Travel Funding

Students may apply for funds to support travel associated with undergraduate research through the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). Contact Dr. Chris Gentry for more information at

Why do we fund travel?

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports student travel that enhances scholarly development of students.  

Who is eligible?

Students who are presenting research results, participating in a competition and/or officially participating and representing the University are eligible to request funds to support travel expenses related to these scholarly opportunities.  All students who request funds must be currently enrolled, have a minimum 2.5 GPA and no formal disicipline record.   Individual students must apply. (Student organization travel requests go through SOC and Student Life and Engagement at this link.)

What types of travel may be funded?

Students are welcome to request support to attend events that aid scholarly development but that are not required for the completion of the degree. We may rely on departmental input to determine what events constitute appropriate scholarly activities for any given discipline.  OUR recognizes that research opportunities will be defined differently by discipline and are, therefore, not limited to research conference travel. Travel funds are not for individual or personal interests.

How much can I request?

Individual students may request up to $500 to cover university approved expenses that are not already being covered by another APSU office or department, the individual or an organization.  Please note that OUR has limited travel funds and can make no guarantees regarding the level of funding.  All awards will not meet the $500 stipend, they may be awarded an amount less than that.  Also, previous travel awards should not be used to predict funding for current or following years.  Students approved for funds may receive funds from OUR once per fiscal year (July 1 -June 30). Limited funds are available each year so all requests may not be granted or granted fully.

What types of expenses are covered?

OUR travel funds can be requested for registration, lodging and/or transportation expenses up to $500.

How do I request funding assistance from OUR?

These steps should be taken well in advance of your planned trip.  We recommend beginning at least six weeks prior to your departure.  Applications will not be considered less than four weeks prior to the date of departure. Each individual student must apply for funds. (If you have a group of more than 10 on one trip, please contact the LOC.)

  1. Interested students should first review the general guidelines for receiving fund: General Guidelines for Applying for Student Travel Support
  2. Go to Apply  for Travel Funds, and complete the online application for funding form.  This is the actual application for funds.
  3. Upload your required attachment: the OUR Travel Authorization   The travel authorization form denotes the funding request breakdown and is a business form. This travel form must be signed by you and your faculty/staff sponsor.  The authorization form must not be submitted blank, with no signatures, or with only signatures and no expenses included. OUR funds .26 cents per mile when mileage is funded.
  4. Scan attachments that detail requested expenses, and evidence of your acceptance/participation must also be attached.
  5. Your application will be reviewed when these steps are complete. 
  6. Applicants will be contacted by email with information regarding a funding decision.
  7. Approved funds will be reimbursed to the student following the trip AND upon submission of the completed claim form and receipts, AND the submission of the post trip survey.

What do I do after my trip - how do I receive my reimbursement?

  1. Download a Travel Expense Claim form and complete. (Link is located about midway down the page.)
  2. Submit the Travel Expense Claim form to Learning Opportunities Center, Browning 109,  within one week of returning from your trip.  All eligible, original receipts must be included with the claim form.
  3. Complete the Post Trip Survey online within 5 days of returning from your trip.

    The reimbursement will be processed after these steps are complete and verified.

Need help?  Have questions?

Contact Dr. Chris Gentry  (