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New freshmen will receive a copy in the APSU 1000 class so will not need to pick up a copy.

Faculty, staff and students may get a copy of the 2016-17 Handbook in Student Publications, MUC 111, University Facilities, MUC 207, or Student Affairs, MUC 206. There is no cost to obtain a handbook.

Contact Student Affairs at 931-221-7341, or email bryantt@apsu.edu or armstrongp@apsu.edu for more information.

2016-17 Student Handbook and Calendar 

2016-17 Student Handbook

2016-17 Calendar

About APSU

Academic and Student Services

APSU at Fort Campbell

Financial Information
(includes financial aid, financial, bursar,
and student employment information)

Student Life and Information 
(includes Campus Police and emergency information,
Computer Lab information)

Campus Security

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Procedures for Appeals and Complaints

        Related: Non Academic Grievance Policy
                 -Complaints related to classes, staff or faculty
                  or contact the Dean of Students

Policies and Guidelines
(includes, among others, the Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act,
Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence/Dating Violence and Stalking information,
and the Drug and Alcohol Policy)

Smoking Clean Air Enforcement
Frequently Asked Questions

Brief Campus Safety Tips

Quick Reference/How To Guides

Voter Registration Information

Impact Your Experience

Campus Map

Email us to request a copy

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