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Staff Spotlight

Student Affairs Staff Spotlight (SASS)

Every month the Support & Recognition Committee will spotlight one member of the division of student affairs. As a division we strive to only hire the best and there is much more to know about our amazing co- workers! Check back every month for a new SASS.

April SASS: Janet Velazquez

Learn about Janet! 

How long have you been at APSU?  I have been working at APSU since 2003.  Best place in Clarksville to work!

Favorite place to eat in Clarksville? Definitely the Blackhorse is my favorite and whenever we have out of town guests, that is where we take them.

 If your life was a reality TV show, what would it be called?  Phases & Stages

Childhood memory that best shows your personality.  Visiting family every summer and family reunions – family is very important to me.

What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season? Thanksgiving – I love getting together with good friends and family without the stress of shopping for gifts.  We usually invite people who do not have family close by to join us too.

 What item could you not make it through the day without? Coffee pot – one day I might quit, but I have a two cup a morning habit.  Usually never have any after that & typically don’t drink any other caffeine throughout the day but I love my morning coffee.

Favorite part of your job? Working with the students – helping them reach goals and see the skills they have is very rewarding. 

 What is your favorite vacation that you have taken? The Netherlands – so many beautiful places and kind people.

When you think back on your time at APSU, what stands out? The growth of the university – in population, staff, programs, the renovation of buildings and new campus buildings.

 What are the first three things you would do after winning the lottery? Pay off our home & the homes of our immediate family, Start an Asian Cultural Center at APSU, Develop a non-profit for military families that focuses on spouses and children … I rarely play the lottery (maybe 3x per year) but when I drive home from Nashville & I see that billboard, I do dream of the top things I would do for the next few miles.