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SA/OUR Student Travel Stories

Hundreds of students have received funding to attend conferences, competitions and meetings over the last few academic years.  Many of these students were presenting research and scholarly papers, and competing and performing with other colleges and universities from across the region and the nation.  In addition to the scholarly opportunities these students experience, they represent APSU and the educational opportunities that exist on our campus.  A few of these outstanding students who traveled using SA/OUR funds are highlighted here! 

Robert Baker
Robert presented his Physics research at a national meeting in Newport Beach, California.  His topic was" Characterization of Zr-V-FE Non-Evaporable Getter Strips for use in a  Miniature Penning Trap."

Robert Baker
Pictured is Robert Baker with his research poster.

“I was able to attend the American Physical Society's Division of Nuclear Physics meeting in California and present my summer research because I received a travel award from SA/OUR. I talked with many members of the nuclear physics community during the poster session and had several good conversations about my research, which involved increasing the precision of mass measurements for rare isotopes. It was an experience that greatly influenced my decisions for graduate school and helped to reinforce my interest in nuclear physics.”
Department:  Physics and Astronomy
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. B. Alex King


Deanna Carter
Deanna presented a paper on "Battle on the Home Front: Keeping the Fires Burning During the Civil War"  at the Ohio Valley History Conference held in Johnson City, Tennessee.APSU History and Deanna Carter
Deanna is pictured nearest front and left of center with blue jacket.  She is pictured with the delegation from History from APSU, including Dr. Minoa Uffelman, far right, and just to her left, Dr. Dewey Browder.

"I was able to gain more experience in giving public presentations.  I received valuable comments from an expert in the field.  I also networked with historians from different colleges."
Department:  History
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Minoa Uffelman


K. Michelle Leibold
Michelle presented a research paper on connecting Anglo-Saxon culture to the legend of Robin Hood at the Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Conference in Columbus, Georgia.

Michelle Leibold

Pictured with Michelle (third from left) is (l-r) Dr. Peterson, Adolph Dagan, and Mr. Bennet Kwakuyi. They are with the Dagan Foundation, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to aide in education in West Africa.

“Going to the Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Conference was a great experience. Besides the opportunity to present my research, I was able to meet other people who shared the passion for academia. Having other people read my paper and discuss my research, I gained new insight into how to further my research and how to address some of my weaknesses."
Department:  Languages and Literature
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Lynn Sims


Cory Medlin
Cory presented his research at the 9th Differential Equations and Computational Simulations Conference in Starkville, Mississippi.

Cory Medlin

Pictured l-r, Cory Medlin, Dr. Samuel Jator and Drew Kerr, all from APSU.  Dr. Jator was named the Undergraduate Research Mentor of the year at APSU in May.

"This trip provided me with numerous benefits.  I presented my research, and I was able to network with professionals as well as other students about graduate work, employment and new research opportunities.  I also attended numerous presentations about differential equations and how they are being used in various fields such as biology, photography and aerodynamics."
Department:  Mathematics
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Samuel Jator


Laura Zahn
Laura presented a research poster at the prestigious SFN Neuroscience Convention in New Orleans.  Her topic was "Monosodium Glutamate Addiction Using a Conditioned Taste Aversion Animal Model."

Laura Zahn
Pictured is Laura Zahn with her research poster.

"I learned a great deal from the various lectures I attended at the meeting as well as from the many poster sessions where I talked to a lot of other people about their research.  I also really enjoyed the experience of sharing my own research poster and getting valuable feedback from the experienced scientists working in a similar field.  I learned so much and the experience confirmed for me that I very much want a career doing scientific research."
Department:  Biology/Psychology
Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Brian Hock


We have students who compete, perform and conduct and present research who never dreamed of accomplishing these things prior to becoming a student at Austin Peay.  It is possible! 

Can you picture yourself here?  We can!