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Application to Request OUR Student Travel Funds

Funding is based on the fiscal year and availability of funds.   All funded travel is reimbursed and no OUR funds are advanced or pre-paid  for travel.

If you are applying for travel funds for registered student organization travel, please click here.   If you have questions about student organization travel, please email or Thank you.

This is the Application for Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Student Travel Funding.  Please read the Guidelines for funding prior to completing and submitting your application. Completed applications, which include the required attachments, must be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the planned date of departure.  The earlier the better, as funding is limited.

You must also attach your completed travel authorization form, signed by both you and your faculty sponsor, at the end of this application to submit your application. Please read about the additional required documentation you must submit. The authorization form that is attached to this application must indicate the actual expenses you expect to incur and documentation about the conference and/or proof of participation. Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

Applications with an attached blank or incomplete travel authorization, or without student and faculty signatures, with no supporting documentation, and/or submitted less than four weeks from date of departure will not be considered for funding.  Each individual student requesting funding must apply and must meet eligibility requirements as noted in the guidelines.

Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Please include specific location, such as conference center or hotel, and city and state.
Will you be presenting a paper or other research? Will you be attending a conference? Will you be participating in a competition? This information will be carefully considered when the decision is made to award funds.
List other sources for funds for this travel, such as personal funds, campus departments, groups or individuals. For example, major department, faculty grant, personal resources, etc., and please list the amount.
How will your trip aid your overall scholarly development? One to two sentences will be adequate.
Your application will not be considered for funding without including the Authorization of Travel Form WITH SIGNATURES. Please complete the form as accurately as possible. You must sign the form AND your faculty/staff sponsor must also sign. After completing this authorization form, with signatures, scan and upload it here. (Allowed file types: pdf, jpg, bmp, tif, doc, docx). Click this link for the Travel Authorization Form: You must also scan the conference or meeting form depicting the registration information and scan it with the travel authorization form and submit them both. If you are presenting or competing, please include or email this information. NOTE: The Travel Authorization Form is a business office form. It is required for faculty, staff and students who travel and use University funds so that there is approval of the intended use of funding; this is separate from the application for funds. The travel authorization forms are subject to state audit so University and TBR policies and procedures must be adhered to. For help, email
Please indicate that you have read and understand the Guidelines for funding for OUR funding.

Thank you for your application!