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Outstanding Student Employee

This award honors an outstanding student employee who works in an on-campus department.

Selection Criteria

  • Must be a currently enrolled student at APSU
  • Must be employed in an on-campus department
  • Nomination must be made by a supervisor in the department where the student is employed
  • Must have demonstrated a consistent willingness to go above and beyond the requirements for their job
  • Must be a team player and exceed normal expectations for their position
  • Is not a graduate assistant or University employee
  • Has no formal discipline record with the University
  • Is in good academic standing



Must be faculty or staff
How long has this student employee worked in your department?
Describe how this student employee consistently goes above and beyond in their position in your department.
Describe how this student employee is a team player in your department.
Is this student successful academically?
Why should this student employee be recognized above others as the Outstanding Student Employee for this year?