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Outstanding Community Service Program -Organization

This award is presented to a registered non-social Greek student organization and one registered social Greek organization which conceived, planned and implemented an original, outstanding and worthwhile community service program or project.

Selection Criteria

  • Must be a registered student organization with Student Life and Leadership
  • Organization must have conceived, planned and implemented  the community service program (not a national program)
  • Program must have been beneficial for those intended
  • Specifics of the program must be detailed
  • Preference to program not required of the organization
  • Project may not be part of a class, for pay, or any type of requirement
  • Preference may be given to organizations not recognized with the same program in the last two years
Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Why should this program be recognized as the Outstanding Community Service Project or Program of the Year? Be as specific as possible.
List details of the planning, preparation, and execution of the project.
How many people participated, who benefitted from the program, and how did they benefit?
Is this program an original program implemented by your organization, or is it part of a national program or a program required by your organization or chapter?
Is this a new program for your organization?
Would your organization sponsor this or a similar program again? Why or why not?