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Student Disciplinary System

Code of Student Conduct

For information about the procedures used at APSU in processing complaints about student violations of APSU Regulations (the “Code of Student Conduct”), student rights and responsibilities, and University policies and guidelines, see the following resources.  The Code of Student Conduct is presented in sections and follows the same order as in the printed version of the 2013-2014 Student Handbook and Calendar.  The Code should be read in it's entirety.

Introduction to Rules and Regulations

APSU Student Disciplinary Rules - Code of Student Conduct

      Institutional Policy Statement
      Disciplinary Offenses
      Academic and Classroom Misconduct
      Disciplinary Sanctions
      Traffic and Parking
      Disciplinary Procedures
      Smoking and Clean Air Policy Enforcement

APSU Campus Security
   Security Policies and Procedures
APSU Student Rights
   Notification of Rights under FERPA 
                  (click here for FERPA Form  )
    Confidentiality and Privacy of Student Records
    Student Rights and Responsibilities
    Student Role and Participation in Institutional Decision Making

 Procedures for Appealing University decisions
 Sections included are:
        Fee adjustments for tuition-related university fees/charges, refunds, etc.
        Admissions Appeals
        Residency Appeals
        Traffic Fines/Citations Appeals
        Housing and Residence Life and Dining Services Appeals
        Grade Appeal Policy
        Other Non-Academic Grievances
        TBR Statement of Grievance
        Complaints of Accreditation and State Law Violations

APSU Policies and Guidelines
Acceptable Use of IT Resources
      Guidelines for use of APSU Computer Labs
      Discrimination Harassment and Affirmative Action
      APSU Policy on Smoking
      Reporting of Rape Allegations
      Inclement Weather Policy
      Student Medical Emergencies
      Illegal Downloading
      The Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act 
      Drug and Alcohol Policy
      Drugs Alcohol and Risks
      Alcohol and Other Drug Resources

                           Related Judicial Information

Division of Student Affairs – Judicial Procedures, “How to file a Complaint”
          -- includes information for Faculty

Disciplinary Complaint/Incident Form

If additional information is desired, please consult the Dean of Students/Associate Vice President of Student Affairs in the Office of Student Affairs, Room 206, Morgan University Center, or call 931-221-7341.

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