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Exemplary Staff Member of the Year

This award is presented to full-time staff members who consistently promote the success of the students, exhibit outstanding character attributes, serve in an exceptional manner for students, and for contributions to student life above and beyond the call of duty.

Selection Criteria

  • Presented to full-time staff member
  • Nomination must be by a student or students
  • Nominee must consistently set an example for other staff in their assistance to students
  • Displays a strong sense of school pride and spirit
  • Displays compassion in meeting students' needs above and beyond the call of duty or the normal requirements of their job
  • Nominee must have been a full-time staff member at APSU for a minimum of two years
  • Must have demonstrated dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and service to students above and beyond the call of duty or the normal requirements of their job
  • Preference to nominees not selected for the award in the last three years
List instances in which this staff member has demonstrated outstanding dedication and service to students this academic year that exceeds what you would normally expect of them in their position on campus.
How does this staff member exhibit school pride and spirit?
List any quality involvement by the staff member in the University and/or Clarksville communities through traditional and/or non-traditional activities that positively influence the lives of students and community members.
Why should this staff member be recognized above all other staff on campus?