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Distinguished Student Leader Award

These awards are presented to students in each category who make a positive impact on the University community through their leadership role and for their outstanding contribution in the area indicated.  There are four areas of recognition available.  Nominate one student per category.

  • Must exhibit overall good character and good academic record
  • Must have established record of service and leadership
  • More than one year leadership experience is preferred
  • Must exhibit strong sense of school pride and spirit
  • Must demonstrate motivation, enthusiasm and self-reliance
  • Should inspire shared vision and empower others
Please enter nominees full name
How has the nominee exhibited distinguished leadership above and beyond others in the area selected?
How has this nominee exhibited good character and and set an example for others to follow?
How has the nominee's involvement in this area made a positive impact on the University community?
What campus organizations and campus activities has this student been a part of?
What more can you add that would best describe why this nominee is the most distinguished leader in the category selected above?