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Application to Request Travel Funding Assistance for Student Organizations

This is the application for Student Life and Engagement and Student Organization Council travel funding requests for registered APSU student organizations.  Please read all information carefully.  Incomplete applications or applications without attachments or without signatures will not be considered for funding.

Completed applications, including all supporting documentation, must be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the planned date of departure, six weeks is preferred.  Travel funding is limited, so applications should be submitted as early as possible.  When the funding budget is depleted for the year, no additional requests will be considered.

Funds may be requested to assist with registration, lodging or mileage costs.  Please read additional eligibility requirements at the end of this application.

Organizations should discuss travel plans; if an individual member applies and will attend and/or represent the organization, that individual student will use the one opportunity the organization has available to apply for travel funds for that fiscal year. Individual students who are traveling on behalf of or as part of an organization are considered the organization for the purposes of this travel funding.  Other members may attend if they wish to pay individually to do so.

The maximum amount that registered organizations are eligible to receive each fiscal year is up to $250 for the group.  All applications are first received - first considered. Applications are not considered "received" unless the required attached documentation is included with the travel authorization form. Funding is not guaranteed.

Organizations awarded funds will be reimbursed up to the amount awarded after the travel is complete, and when a travel claim form is completed and the receipts for appropriate expenses are attached.  No funds will be advanced prior to the trip. A student representative who traveled must also complete an online post-trip survey in order to receive the reimbursement.

In addition to the completion of this application, a completed travel authorization form must be attached in pdf format near the end of the application.  This travel authorization form must be in the name of an organization member who is traveling, the title is "student", and must be signed on the "employee" line by this member who is traveling.   Your on campus adviser must also sign the authorization form on the line marked "chairman/director".  Student organizations may submit one travel authorization for the trip with attachments for the group traveling; all the individual students traveling do not have to apply separately.  In addition to the completed and signed travel authorization form, you must also include pdf copies of the conference/meeting information that supports the expenses associated with your application such as conference registration form that shows registration costs, hotel information that shows hotel costs, etc.  Your application will be incomplete without this additional information.

The department on campus where your on campus adviser works
Please be specific. For example, to attend training to assist with chapter functions, or represent your chapter in voting for regional officers, or your chapter will be recognized or participate in an official event, or win an award, etc. You must indicate in what way the travel will benefit your chapter and campus. If your organization and members traveling meet eligibility requirements, this information will be crucial in the funding decision.
In what city do you plan to travel to?
You must include month, day, and year
Please describe how the experience of this travel will benefit your organization and your organization's role on campus.
Your application will not be considered without the completed, signed travel authorization form. Please complete the form as accurately as possible. Your total expenses may exceed the $250 available; this is okay, just remember the most your organization can receive is $250 from SOC. Upload the form with the additional documents that detail registration and lodging costs. (Allowed file types: pdf, jpg bmp, tif, doc, docx, xml.) Click this link for the travel authorization form: NOTE: The travel authorization form is a Bursar's office form and is required for all students, registered organizations, faculty, and staff who travel using university funds. This is a required attachment for your application for funds. Funded travel is subject to state audit so all TBR and University policies must be followed. Information regarding student travel policies and forms are at this link: Please contact or or call 931-221-7431 if you have questions.
Guidelines for Student Organization Travel
Eligible Expenses: (What can be funded) Funds may be requested for registration, lodging and mileage costs. (Maximum is .26 cents per mile) Qualifications: Student members applying for funds and who plan to travel for organization travel must: - be currently enrolled at the time of application at APSU on main campus - have a minimum GPA of 2.5 - have no record of formal discipline with the University - not be a regular faculty/staff member/employee of the University - not have received funding assistance within the last fiscal year - be a member in good standing with their registered student organization - the organization must be in good standing and registered with the office of Student Life and Engagement SOC will consider funding requests only from the following: a. Members from student organizations that are officially registered with the Office of Student Life and Engagement. These groups must have an on-campus adviser who is a full time faculty or staff member of the University. This adviser must sign the travel authorization form that must be attached to this application. b. Any newly registered student organization or any student organization that has been inactive for one year or more must have been registered for two full months before they are eligible to request travel funds. c. The required organization representatives must attend the student organization training workshop sponsored by Student Life and Engagement as required. Student travel funds will not be awarded for: Travel for seminars, training, classes, programs of study, field trips, job or department travel, job placement or job searches, any type of tuition, personal interest, and/or personal educational, religious or political development, or travel which results in academic credit or that is required to complete the requirements for the degree. These restrictions are not all inclusive and as stated funding is not guaranteed. There may be other instances where funds may not be eligible. Funds are for domestic travel only. Students and organization may be eligible to receive travel funding assistance once per fiscal year. THE Code of Student Conduct applies to all students and organizations receiving funds for travel. Students receiving funding must complete the post-trip survey within 10 days after the conclusion of the trip. Organizations will be contacted by email with information regarding a funding decision. If your organization is awarded funding, a Travel Expense Claims form must be completed in the students name listed on the travel authorization form, completed, with receipts verifying expenses attached, and a list of the students names and A numbers who attended attached, and submitted to Student Life and Engagement within one week of your return. My organization has applied for funding through SOC. In requesting these funds, my organization and members agree to abide by these funding guidelines. Should our organization receive funding, we understand all information stated above. Specifically, we agree that: 1. Any funds allocated will be used solely for the purpose stated. 2. The SOC has the right to review this organization’s financial standing. 3. No funds will be reimbursed without completing the travel claim form, attaching receipts that fully show approved expenses, and completing the post-trip survey. 4. Everything on this application and attachments is true. 7. Failing to comply with the procedures regarding SOC funds may result in the loss of future funding for the organization. 8. The Code of Conduct is applicable to all members and organizations who receive funding. We further agree to contact our advisor with all information regarding this travel and its purpose.
Please indicate your organization has read the above guidelines and requirements pertaining to student organization travel funding.