Tuition and Fees
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Tuition and Fees

The total cost to attend APSU includes the following charges:

Clarksville Campus Undergraduate

 Undergraduate 250R eRate Uniformed Personnel (TA)

Clarksville Campus Graduate

 Graduate 250R eRate

Fort Campbell Campus

Undergraduate (Civilian) Undergraduate Uniformed Personnel Undergraduate Military Dependent Graduate

TN eCampus

 TN eCampus

Special Course Fees

Special Course Fees

Program Service Fees (2018/2019) - Clarksville Campus

Parking/Campus Access $61.00
Health Services $38.00
Student Activity Fee $124.00
Athletics Fee $225.00
Recreation Center Fee $75.00
Debt Service $137.00
Technology Access Fee $112.50
Student Government Fee $5.00
Sustainable Campus Fee $10.00
Graduation Fee $4.00
Total $791.50

Charged per credit hour for hours 1-10 only

$79.15/credit hour