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Past AP-STEM Workshops and Conferences

Past AP-STEM workshops include:

Physics First in Tennessee (PFIT)

PFIT is an initiative to equip teachers to become certified to teach an introductory or conceptual physics to high school freshmen in the state of Tennessee. Our rationale is that students who gain a basic understanding of physics are better equipped to carry on their education and become better citizens. Workshop participants were given a short intense course on introductory physics and teaching physics.  From this workshop, the teachers were prepared to gain an endorsement in 7-12 Physics and add physics qualified teachers to Tennessee’s teacher base.

Integrated Elementary and Middle School STEM Workshops

These two-week workshops, held in 2010, 2011 and 2012 introduced teachers to both STEM subject matter and the mindset of the STEM approach.  Participants gain hands-on experience and have the opportunity to refresh and deepen their knowledge of STEM subjects. Stipends were provided and the possibility of both continuing education credit and graduate credit were available.

MOMENTUM:  Building Capacity for Change through Connections

Funded through the state’s Race to the Top initiative, MOMENTUM was a series of daylong workshops on incorporating children’s literature into elementary school math and science lessons. For example, taking the phrase “crane your neck” from a children’s book and asking students, based on their height, how long their necks would be if they had one similar to a 4-foot tall crane.

The program, which has 30 slots for K-6 teachers, met on Saturdays at APSU from September 2011, and ended with a weeklong academy during the summer of 2012.