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The STEM Challenge EXPO

What is the STEM Challenge EXPO?

Teams in Clarksville-Montgomery County schools grades 3 through 9 are invited to participate in this opportunity to exhibit their STEM projects and discuss their work with, and get ideas from, Austin Peay State University faculty and STEM industry professionals. This is not a competition. Instead, teams will be chosen to come to APSU because they have an interesting solution to their challenge and are prepared to discuss that solution.

Who is involved?

If the class is a STEM class, and the team has worked on solving a STEM problem, teachers may ask individual teams to present solutions at Austin Peay State University.  Each school has the opportunity to take one team per grade level (3rd-9th).  Lead teachers and all members of the team are required to participate (unless excused by the teacher).  Parents are invited to view projects after interviews have been completed.

How do you prepare for the Great STEM Challenge Exposition?

Each team member must be involved. Each must keep his/her own Engineer Notebook and bring the Engineer Notebooks to the Great STEM Challenge Exposition. Each team that is selected will also prepare a science fair – type board that displays the STEM Challenge.