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Constitution of the Austin PeayState University Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (APSU/STC)

March 13, 2005



The name of the chapter is the Austin Peay State University Chapter (APSU/STC). The Chapter is a subsidiary of the Society for Technical Communication (STC).


The objectives of the chapter are to advance the arts and sciences of technical communication throughout Austin Peay State University and more broadly through its association with the international society.



Section 1: Qualifications

Membership in the chapter is open to those who are eligible for any of the grades of membership and who are student, faculty, or staff personnel at Austin Peay State University. No person shall be denied membership because of age, race, sex, religion, handicap or national origin. 

Section 2: Appeals Panel

Membership appeals are made to the appeals panel of the Society and are not channeled through the chapter.

Section 3: Termination of Membership

Termination is accomplished through resignation, nonpayment of dues, or expulsion. Suspension and expulsion are determined by the board of the Society and not by chapter membership or administrative council.

Section 4: Dues and Fees

A. Dues and fees are as described in the STC Bylaws. Students pay annual dues to become members of the international organization.

B. The chapter may set fees for special projects, purchases, or chapter expenses, but only if the fees are approved by the administrative council, and only if they have no bearing on membership.


Administrative Council

Section 1: Membership

The administrative council consists of the elected officers of the chapter.

Section 2: Powers and Constraints

The administrative council directs chapter activities in order to meet the Society objectives. The council is responsible for reporting its actions to the membership through appropriate means. These reports may include discussions at regular meetings and at special meetings that the council may initiate when necessary. Other appropriate means of communication are the chapter newsletter, telephone, or local media. The council may establish committees or delegate responsibilities to individual members to accomplish chapter and Society objectives. Council activities follow procedures stated in the STC Bylaws.

Section 3: Duties of Administrative Council Members

A. The president supervises the chapter activities, calls meetings, and presides over them; communicates with appropriate Society officials; and represents the chapter or designates a representative at local, state, and international meetings such as conferences, seminars, and workshops.

B. The vice president arranges the regular chapter programs and assumes the duties of the president in the absence or incapacity of the president. The vice president is also responsible for special projects and committees and performs other duties when assigned by the president or the administrative council.

C. The secretary keeps the minutes of all chapter meetings and reports the minutes of the last meeting as part of the business session for each meeting. The secretary conducts official correspondence, signs the chapter documents as required, maintains records for the use of the council, and performs other duties as assigned by the president or the council.

D. The treasurer supervises the chapter’s fiscal affairs by maintaining books and records that can be reviewed by council members on request, disburses funds for expenses approved by the administrative council, prepares and distributes reports requires by the Society, Austin Peay State University, and the State of Tennessee, and reports the chapter’s financial status at chapter meetings.

E. The recruitment officer is responsible for recruiting new members, organizing membership drives, and talking to those who are interested in joining STC.

Section 4: Terms of Office

Officers are elected for terms of one year. They may succeed themselves in office as long as they are elected through procedures outlined in the STC Bylaws and the Chapter constitution.


Chapter Activities

Section 1: Chapter Elections

Chapter elections follow procedures in the STC Bylaws. All chapter members must be notified of the slate at least three weeks before the election is to be held. Election is by majority vote of members.

Section 2: Chapter Business Meetings

Chapter business shall be discussed and acted upon at each meeting, the order to be determined by the president. As stated in the STC Bylaws, a quorum for transacting business is twenty-five percent of the voting members or twenty voting members, whichever is fewer.

Section 3Meetings

Meetings are held twice a month with day, time, and place determined by the administrative council. The council may call special meetings or may omit meetings, provided members are notified well in advance of the action. Ordinarily, the president determines the order of meeting procedures.



Amendments to the Constitution are originated and implemented according to procedures described in the STC Bylaws.


The Austin Peay State University chapter has no power to affect its own dissolution. Only the STC board of directors may dissolve a chapter of STC as described in the STC Bylaws.