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These are the resources most commonly used by Staff Senate members. 


 2017-18 Staff Senate Committees


Constitution and By-laws Committee

Co-chairs: Stephen Dominy and Ashley Nelson

Members: Louisa Murray and Sharita Goodrich


Peay Bay Committee

Chair: Shannon Manly

Members: Kay Stanley and Sherry Kendrick


Staff Appreciation Committee

Chair: Louise Mitchell

Members: Kim Jorgenson, Angie Leonard, and Jasmin Linares


Awards Committee

Chair: Lorneth Peters

Members: Jenny Rhodes, Kim Jorgenson, and Denise Hemingway


Help-an-Elf/Social Responsibility Committee

Co-Chairs: Jo Baldwin and Kelly Carpenter

Members: Tonika Jordan, Barbara Tucker, Donna Conklin, Margret Douglas


Strategic Plan Committee

Co-Chairs: Stephen Dominy and Crystal Faulkner

Members: Beth Lowary, Marcelius Braxton, and Allie Michael


Staff Morale Inquiry Committee

Co-Chairs: Louise Mitchell and Jessica D’Alimonte

Members: Beth Lowary, Janice Poindexter, Debbie Hamilton, Lisa Phelps and Ashlee Spearman


Sustainability Committee

Co-Chairs: Stephen Dominy and Laura Prange

Members: Judy Thompson, Cecil Wilson, Parishweta Bhatt, Marlies McKnight and Jennifer Placke