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Purpose and Definition of the Staff Senate


Section 1.Regular meetings of the Staff Senate will be scheduled by the President. Special called meetings may be scheduled by the Executive Committee. Changes to the regular meeting schedule shall be approved by the Executive Committee.
Section 2.Notice of regular meetings will be sent to the members at least ten (10) days prior to a meeting. Notice of called meetings will be sent no less than two (2) working days prior to the meeting.
Section 3.Agenda items may be submitted in writing or orally to any member who shall submit them to the Executive Committee at least five (5) working days prior to an Executive Committee meeting.
Section 4.Suggested Agenda for a regular meeting of the Staff Senate:

Sign in
Approval or Revision of Minutes from Previous Meeting
Guest Speaker(s)
Old Business
New Business
Other (Announcements, etc.)


Quorum shall consist of fifty percent (50%) of the filled elected membership present.

Section 1.A quorum is required for election of officers.
Section 2.A majority is required for all other voting issues.
Section 3.No voting by proxy is allowed.



Section 1.Meetings of the Staff Senate will be open to anyone who wishes to attend.
Section 2.

Any representative must notify a member of the Executive Committee if the representative is unable to attend a regular meeting. The Executive Committee may recommend to the council that a representative be removed from membership of the Staff council if more than two meetings are missed without cause.

Section 3.An appeal for reinstatement as a member in good standing may be made in writing to the Executive Committee, at which time the representatives will vote for or against reinstatement.



Section 1.Election of officers shall be held at the first regularly scheduled meeting of each academic year. Special elections to fill vacancies which occur shall be held as necessary.
Section 2.Written nominations for officers may be submitted by council members at least thirty (30) working days prior to election. Volunteers for elected offices shall not be considered without formal nomination by another council member. The officer nomination shall be signed by the nominator and the nominee who must both be sitting members of the Staff Senate. Eligible nominees for elected office shall be confirmed first-year members of Staff Senate serving a two-year term or members serving a one-year term who agree to serve a two-year term if nominated. The year in which the member is nominated shall be considered the first year of that two-year term.
Section 3.Ballots for each area of representation will be prepared listing all nominees. The ballots may be sent to staff electronically or by individually addressed, sealed envelopes through the University Post Office. Ballots may be returned in a sealed envelope or electronically. The Chair will determine which type of ballot will be used and has the authority to use both types in situations where some staff may not have access to electronic mail.
Section 4.The nominee(s) on each ballot receiving the plurality of votes shall be elected. In case of a tie, a run-off election will be held. Should the run-off election result in a tie, the Executive Committee shall, by secret ballot, elect the representative.
Section 5.An interim representative shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to fill any vacancy. The appointment will be for the remainder of the year and in no way affects the appointee's eligibility for future nominations.
Section 6.Officers (excluding President who automatically assumes office) shall be elected from members of the Staff Senate at the first regular meeting in the academic year. Written nominations for all other officer positions may be made by any member of the Staff Senate thirty (30) days prior to the meeting or made while the floor is open for nominations. The nominee must agree to the nomination either in writing or verbally. Voting shall be by secret ballot except where there is only one nomination for the office. A nominee must receive a majority of votes to be elected as an officer.
Section 7.Each division (area of representation) shall have two representatives per 20 employees or major fraction thereof; the total number shall be based on staff employment figures as of June 15 of a given year.


Responsibilities of Representatives

Section 1.Representatives shall:

a. select one representative to distribute information to all staff in the area of representation with a list of current representatives to which staff can respond

b. seek counsel and advice on matters of relevance to all staff

c. cast votes which reflect the opinions and wishes of staff in the respective area.


Adoption and Amendments to the Bylaws

Section 1.The Staff Senate Bylaws shall become effective upon a vote of a majority of the members of the Senate present at the regular meeting following presentation of the Bylaws at a previous meeting.
Section 2.Amendments to these Bylaws may be made by approval of a majority of those present at the next regular meeting following the meeting in which the amendments are proposed.

Proposed Bylaws: April 1988
Amended: June 1991
Amended: June 2001
Amended: September 2002
Amended: June 2004

Amended: November 2010