Tutoring Information
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Tutoring Information

"The tutor provoked me to study hard, learn the material, and pass the course. She volunteered her time to give me extra help. I never left a session without an understanding of what I was doing."-TRIO SSS Participant comment about tutor


Tutoring is one service offered that many TRIO SSS participants benefit from throughout their course of study. Tutors are assigned based upon the ability of the participant to benefit from tutoring, the availability of funding, and the availability of a qualified tutor.

The Request for Tutoring form is also available outside of our office, located in Ellington, Room 337, for TRIO SSS participants.


Request a Tutor

Be sure to complete both pages of the Request for Tutoring form, indicating clearly when you are available for tutoring. Bring the completed form back to Ellington, Room 337, and give the form to a staff member.

The Assistant Director/Coordinator will receive the form, examine your schedule, and talk to the tutors to find someone who can work with you. You will be contacted as soon as a tutor is found and times appear workable. If one week has passed and you have not been contacted, you are asked to call the TRIO SSS office at 931-221-6142 and speak to the Assistant Director/Coordinator.


Sometimes a request is made for a subject area for which we do not have a qualified tutor. In that case, we will do our best to search for a qualified tutor and contact you as soon as one is available. We ask that you call back after two weeks and speak with the Assistant Director/Coordinator to check on the status of the tutor search.