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TRiO Achiever Spotlight 2011

Deanna Carter

TRiO Support is Priceless

by: Deanna Carter

     I am a first generation college student.  It took me nearly 20 years to decide to pursue a life-long desire to teach history.  Even though I am a wife and mother of two children, I decided to charge ahead in my quest to earn a Master’s Degree so that I may teach history to adults. I have appreciated the patience of my family in my pursuit of an education.  In May of 2009 I earned my Associates Degree at Nashville State Community College.  I knew it was only the first step in reaching my goal, and I would have to continue onward to earn my Bachelor’s Degree at a University. Austin Peay was the perfect fit.

Even though I began as a junior, I was petrified when I began course work on the university campus.  It was like a whole new world, and I needed help. I had to quickly learn a writing style that was different from the one I had been taught.  I also had to learn to use the campus technology. I was a good student, but the transition was not easy.  I knew I would have to have plenty of guidance in order to be successful.

     TRiO Student Support Services was there for me.  The staff worked with me on the skills I needed to achieve my goals.  I gained confidence to face the challenges that would unfold ahead.  Whenever I had a question or needed advice, I knew I could ask anyone on the staff for assistance and they would cheerfully give it.  It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone who works for TRiO.

In every way, they made me feel important.  Whatever campus activity I was involved in, they demonstrated interest. TRiO Student Support Services celebrated every success along with me.  They have been quick to commend and encourage along the journey to graduation. I was thrilled when they asked me to be a Transfer Mentor, so now I can help and encourage others as I have been.  When I was told I was selected as the TRiO Achiever, I was deeply honored.

I am so delighted to have been a member of TRiO. I will graduate in May 2011 Summa Cum Laude with my Bachelor’s Degree, and I am continuing on to earn my Master’s Degree at Austin Peay.  It is wonderful to have a resource like TRiO on our campus, and I hope everyone who qualifies will explore this wonderful program.