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Highland Crest
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Springfield Class Schedule

Registration for admitted students opens April 7th!!

Check back for additional course options! 

Full FallTerm: August 25 - Dec. 12, 2014. 

CRNCourse# Course NameDay/TimeRoom 
1888EDUC 4080Classroom Org & Mgmt.T/Th 1:30pm-2:55pm203
1890EDUC 3070Instructional StrategiesT/TH 2:45-4:10pm246


EDUC 4040Teaching Social Studies K-6M/W 1pm-2:25pm203
2096EDUC 3040Instructional TechnologyT/TH 11:10am-12:35pm146
2740MATH 4150Teaching MathematicsM/W 9:35-11:00am203 
1959RDG 4050Literature for ChildrenT/TH 1pm-2:25pm146
1960RDG 4030Literacy in Upper Elem GradesM/W 2:40pm-4:10pm203
1997SCI 4020Teaching Sci K-6Tue 8:30am-12:30pm244
3761SW 3400GeneralistT/TH 9:30- 11am203
3762SW 3410Values, Ethics, and DiversityT/TH 11am-12:20pm203
3763SW 3420HBSE  Mon 5:30-7pm104
3764SW 3440Crisis Intervention  Wed 1-2:30pm203
3817COMM 3010Integrated Corp Communication8/25-10/18online
3818COMM 3010Intergrated Corp Communication10/19-12/12online
3819COMM 3730Internet & Web Technology10/19-12/12online
3820COMM 3800Principle of Media Advertising10/19-12/12online
3821COMM 4150Feature Writing8/25-10/18online
3822COMM 4020Comm in Organizations10/19-12/12online
3823COMM 4650Mass Media Law8/25-10/18online
3824COMM 4650Mass Media Law8/25-10/18online
3825HHP 4060Consumer  Health8/25-12/12online
3826HHP 3000Health Care Management8/25-12/12online
3812PSY 3110Child Development8/25-12/12online
3813PSY 3120Adult Development8/25-12/12online
3814PSY 4000History & Systems of Psy8/25-12/12online
3841CSCI 3200 Principles of Info Security8/25-12/12online
3842CSCI 3300Intro Web Development8/25-12/12online
3843CSCI 4400Prin Database Management8/25-12/12online
3881FIN 3610Prin of Real Estate8/25-12/12online
3882 FIN 4210Financial Markets & Inst8/25-12/12online
3883MKT 3610e-Commerce I8/25-12/12online
3846POLS 3040US Defense Policy8/25-12/12online
3847POLS 3760Methods of Research8/25-12/12online
3848POLS 4170Power, Morality, Intl Relations8/25-12/12online


To ensure you are registering for a class held at Highland Crest, please check carefully for the section number and location; most courses are section 99.

To register for classes or review the Class Schedule, please go to OneStop at Instructions and further information about registration are found at

What about my textbooks?

The APSU bookstore will be at Highland Crest on August 8th, 2013, from 11am - 6 pm for APSU at Highland Crest students to come by and purchase or rent their textbooks, buy APSU gear, and ask about using financial aid to cover textbook costs.

Or visit the Ann Ross Bookstore web site at to determine textbook requirements, obtain details about purchase and rental options and purchase your APSU gear.