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Linguistics Minor

The Linguistics minor is designed to examine the structure and function of language as a cognitive and behavioral science.  Students who take this minor will receive a theoretical understanding of the nature of language and the application of that theory to scholarly research, foreign languages, and English as a second or additional language. 

The Linguistics minor consists of 18 credit hours:

Required courses --

  • LING 4010:  History of the English Language
  • LING 4030:  Introduction to Historical Linguistics
  • LING 4040:  How Language Works (aka Introduction to Linguistics)

Select three of the following --

    • LING 4020:  History of American English
    • LING 4050:  English Grammar and Usage
    • LING 4060:  Survey of Early Germanic Languages
    • LING 4070:  Language, Culture, and Identity
    • LING 4600:  Special Topics in Linguistics

 2012-2013 Bulletin: