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Student Tribunal

As Chief Justice of the Student Government Association for the 2016-2017 academic year, I have primary oversight of the Judicial Branch of Student Government here at Austin Peay. The Judicial Branch is comprised of a Chief Justice, an Associate Justice, and five justices, all of which are selected positions. The Judicial Branch is regarded as the Austin Peay campus' highest student court.

The Student Tribunal, which meets weekly, has the authority to hear student traffic appeals, as well as interpret the Student Government Association Constitution, By-Laws, and Electoral Act. The Student Tribunal is committed to strong ethical standards and always adhere to a code of strict confidentiality.

As representatives of the Student Government Association, Austin Peay, and the student body, the Chief Justice and all justices hold themselves to a higher standard and will work for the best interest of the students at Austin Peay.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to stop by the Student Government Association office in UC 115, or e-mail me at I am honored and excited to be working with/for the students of this campus, and I look forward to the upcoming year!
Chief Justice Lane Chisenhall

2016-2017 Tribunal Justices:

Lane Chisenhall - Chief Justice

Jordan Reedy 

Associate Chief Justice

Waqas Ahmed 

Jacob Bumpus

Mason Devers

Justin Randall

Jacob Robertson