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TISL Application

What is the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature?

TISL is an exciting, fun and educational experience created by college students in 1966 to give themselves a voice in state government.

What will I do there?

On November 17-20, 2016, students from colleges across Tennessee convene in the State Capitol. They use the chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly to introduce, debate, and vote on bills that could affect the future of the state and of the nation.

Almost daily, delegates interrupt their sessions to listen to and question public officials and political leaders. Previous speakers have included Gov. Phil Bredesen, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and Court of Appeals Judge Frank Clement Jr., a former TISL Governor.

How is the assembly organized?

The TISL General Assembly consists of a Senate and House of Representatives. Each
school has one Senator. The House has 99 members, which are apportioned according to enrollment. Every college has at least one seat in the House, and larger colleges have more.

Each General Assembly elects officers to serve for the following year. Candidates are
nominated on Friday and elected on Saturday. If you are interested in running for a
seat, visit the TISL website for more information.

What do I have to do in preparation?

Every delegate is expected to write, research, and introduce at least one bill for
consideration. Visit the TISL website for more information on writing a bill.

What will it cost?

Nothing. All expenses are covered, and each delegate will receive a per diem for food. For further information, contact Vice President Kellogg at

“The Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature is a forum for the top echelon of the
state’s campus leaders to exchange ideas, express their opinions and learn how
government works.”

The 50th General Assembly of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature will
convene November 17 - 20 in Nashville, TN. Please make sure you do not have prior commitments during this time. For more information regarding T.I.S.L., visit

Application Requirements:

  • Student does not have to be a member of the Student Government Association, but must be in good academic standing and hold at least a 3.0 GPA. 
  • This application must be submitted by Wednesday, September 23rd 5:00pm
  • The Student Government Association will be conducting interviews September 26th-30th. Interview sign-up sheet will be emailed to applicants once the application closes on September 23rd. The interview will last 15-20 minutes.