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TBR / THEC Student Representative Application

The TBR Student Regent has to be a resident of Tennessee. He/she is expected to attend each of the quarterly meetings as necessary as a full, voting member of the Board. The Student Regent is also expected to travel throughout the state as needed to fulfill his/her duties. The Student Regent is expected to articulate the students' point of view regarding Board agenda topics. The term of service for the Student Regent is one year.

Like the TBR Student Regent, the THEC Student Representative must be a resident of Tennessee. The majority of the fundamental responsibilities of the TBR Student Regent are also applicable to the role of the THEC Student Representative. The term of service, though, is two years, the first as a non-voting student member and the second year as the voting member (interchanging with the student rep from the UT system).

*Applications are no longer accepted at this time.

To apply for the TBR Student Regent position, click Here

To apply for the THEC Student Representative position, click Here

**For additional information on these positions, visit the TBR website