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Legislative Branch

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2013-2014 Senators

Follow the links below to view Senate Minutes, Proposed Legislation, and Senator Voting Records.


Meeting Minutes


Voting Records


The purpose of the Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association is to be the voice of students.  Getting involved in S.G.A. is a great way to connect to the campus, meet new people, and serve the APSU community. The Legislative Branch is comprised of a body of senators who represent either their college or class.  Each college has three representatives, and the sophomore, junior, and senior classes have one representative each.  There are also are two graduate seats and five freshman seats in the Senate.  When students voice their concerns about different topics, senators respond by writing legislation that will promote positive change in the interest of the student body as a whole.

How Can I Get Involved In S.G.A.?

S.G.A. holds elections for five freshmen and two graduate seats in the fall.  Elections for all other Legislative and Executive Council positions are held in the spring. Applications for fall elections are now available online at Applications must be filled out and submitted on or before the given due date.