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Branches: The Student Government Association consists of three main branches.  During the fall semester, Freshman and Graduate Senators are elected. Every spring semester, the rest of the Senate and Executive Officers (President, Vice President, and Executive Secretary) are elected. The Student Tribunal is also selected.

  • Executive Council is composed of the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary and Chief Justice. They serve as the leaders of SGA.
  • Senate represents all APSU students. As an outlet to hear your concerns, this body is composed of representatives from each academic college as well as students from each classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate). The Senate discusses problems that students see at our university and propose resolutions to deal with these issues.
  • Tribunal is regarded as APSU's highest student court, composed of the Chief Justice, Associate Justice, and five Justices. This branch has the authority to hear traffic appeals and interpret the SGA Constitution, Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Electoral Act.