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APSU Service-Learning

Service Learning at APSU


Service-Learning is an excellent way to incorporate classroom objectives into student experiences.  The literature on this subject is comprehensive and clear:  service-learning invigorates educational subjects, improves student retention of material, and helps develop critical thinking  (Eyler, Giles, Stenson, and Gray, 2001). 

Academic service learning is, essentially, a form of experiential learning where students integrate community service with the structured learning taking place in the classroom to enrich their learning of the course material.  In addition, Service-Learning helps students develop critical reflection, deepens their understanding of the complex causes of social problems, and enhances their skills in working collaboratively.

Service-Learning is more than just merely volunteering; it provides a level of critical thinking not obtained through regular volunteerism.  Since the service is academically anchored, it enhances what students are learning in a class and gives them an opportunity to actively reflect on what they are learning because of the experience.

After reviewing numerous available definitions of service-learning in the large body of literature related to engaged learning, the Committee agreed that the following definition for the National Service-learning Clearinghouse ( best suited the needs of APSU:

 “Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.”


APSU's Service Learning Advisory Board supports and furthers Service Learning efforts through approving designated SL courses, providing professional training in this area, and tracking assessment efforts. Members of this board are:

Christina Hicks Goldston | | 931.221.7279| Assistant Professor, Communications

Tracy Nichols | | 931.221.6823 | Instructor, Communications

Marsha Lyle-Gonga | | 931.221.7583 | Assistant Professor, Political Science

Elaine Berg || 931.221.6405 |Associate Professor, Library

Lesley Davidson | | 931.221.7558| Instructor, Accounting/Finance/ Economics

Jill Eichhorn | |931.221.6314| Associate Professor, Languages and Literature

Sue Evans | |931.221.1437| Associate Professor, Professional Studies

Matthew Kenney | |931.221.6398 |PELP Director| Associate Professor, Political Theory/ Int. Relations

Perry Scanlan | |931.221.6495| Associate Professor, Allied Health

Rebecca McMahan | | 931. 221. 7513 | Professor, Teaching and Learning

James (Gray) Kane| |931.221.7638| Faculty Development Analyst, Enrollment Mgmt Academic Support

Alexandra Wills | |931.221.7837| Assistant Director, Student Life & Leadership

James McCoin  |  |931.221.7357 | TNCC VISTA