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TN Lottery Eligibility Information

The TN Lottery program requires that you meet the following criteria for initial and continuing eligibility. Please reveiw the eligibility requirements below:

Regaining Eligibility

If you have lost the lottery scholarship due to dropping below the continous enrollment status guidelines, you are not eligible to regain lottery. However, if you have lost the lottery scholarship due to GPA, then you are eligible to regain the lottery ONE TIME ONLY. Lottery eligibility is reviewed at each 24 attempted hours interval. As long as you meet the continuous enrollment criteria above, then you are eligible to regain your lottery scholarship. If you have lost the lottery scholarship twice due to the GPA requirement, you are no longer eligible for the lottery scholarship. If you would like to have you regain eligiblility reviewed please submit the Lottery Scholarship Regain Option Request Form  For more information read:

 Don't Lose Hope


Course Repeats

The Hope Scholarship rules allow a student to repeat a course ONE time only to improve their GPA. To qualify for this exception, you must submit a Course Repeat/Exclusion Form. After this one time exception has been used, any course you choose to repeat will improve your university GPA but is calculated differently for lottery purposes. The repeated course is treated as if it is a completely new course.

Example Student: Semester one takes English - D, History - B, Spanish - F, Geology - A. This gives the student a 2.0 GPA. Student decides to retake English and Spanish as well as two new classes (so as to maintain full-time enrollment status requirement). Student turns in a Course Repeat/Exclusion Form for Spanish and is approved. The student earns all B's this time around. The lottery GPA is calculated as English - D, English - B, Spanish - B, Geology - A, and two other classes - B,B = 2.86 GPA whereas the University GPA is 3.17. The university GPA reflects the repeated course grade of B for English but does not include the D.