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Scholarship Application


APSU's online scholarship application is the primary tool for finding and awarding scholarships to students. However, not all scholarships are awarded through this application, so be sure to explore the "Scholarship Opportunities" dropdown menu to the left on this page. Even if a student applies for other scholarships, it is always a smart idea to fill out our primary application to increase one's chances of getting a scholarship.

Scholarships offered by APSU are provided by a variety of university, state, and donor sources. All scholarships are competitive.  Be sure you complete the online scholarship application early, answering all questions and submitting additional required documentation if applicable. 

Filling out the application

  1. Make sure you are admitted to APSU before filling out the application.
  2. Sign in using your AP OneStop username and password.
  3. Fill out the general application first in order to automatically be applied to a number of scholarships. If you cannot complete the entire application in one sitting, you may save and continue later.
  4. You will be presented with recommended scholarships based on the answers you entered on the general application. Review these scholarships and apply for those to which you believe you are qualified.
  5. Click the "Applications" tab to review the scholarships for which you have applied. We encourage you to periodically revisit this tab to see if you have been matched to any more scholarships.
  6. Applicants selected as recipients will be notified of their scholarship award through their AP email.

APPLY NOW to begin your 2015-2016 APSU Scholarship Application process. Students must be admitted to APSU to complete the scholarship application.

For additional scholarships, remember to check out the "Scholarship Opportunities" link to the left.


For questions and comments regarding scholarships, please contact us through APSUScholarships